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About Jerry

Jerry Niesman is an everyday guy. One of those friends who would go out and pick you up when your car won’t start at 2 AM.

He is a REALTOR in Southwest Florida (Sarasota to Naples), sure. But he’s not one of those fast-talking, stuffy-suit-and-tie, chasing-after-his-next-commission kind of guys.

He’s more of a take care of his clients, listen to their needs, and treat them like family kind of guy.

You’re more likely to see him on a motorcycle or working on his 1970 Ford Mustang than at a Mercedes lot.



And he’s a believer in balance. Work and money aren’t everything; people are everything. Giving back is everything. Growing every day to be a better, stronger, more dedicated and educated individual is everything.

Happily married six years, his wife Rachel works with him as his assistant. They together raise up two kids, Mia and Trey, in an old-fashioned household. The family enjoys their free time playing board games and focused on schooling. Jerry volunteers as a tee ball coach… which is basically a lot of picking up and moving preschoolers around. Mr. and Mrs. Niesman both also volunteer for the Lee County School District.


Finally, Jerry Niesman loves burritos.


Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, his love for Mexican food started at an early age. Burritos, particularly, became his go to favorite for any meal of the day. Now living in Ft. Myers with his family, Jerry is on the search for the best burritos available in the SWFL area.

If you’re looking for info on real estate, give him a shout! Always glad to add people to our family. Experience the difference of working with real people in real estate; working with somebody who values people and their needs over fancy things and a fast buck.

Unless you hate burritos. We probably don’t need negativity like that in our life.

Jerry Niesman

239-201-9853 Office    –    602-349-1350 Cell

Call/text anytime, for any reason.


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