Burrito Review: Taquizza – Super Myers Burrito (North Fort Myers)


Location: Taquizza, 70 Pine Island Road, North Fort Myers, FL 33903, (239) 997-1686

Burrito Description/Price: Super Myers Burrito – top quality angus steak, potato, egg, cheese, bacon, mexican salsa, and sour cream. $6.80


THE BITE: This breakfast burrito happens to be the first one to review and it happens to be 20160824_165446-01a great way to start both this journey as well as my morning! I am familiar with Taquizza; it is on my way back and forth down Pine Island Road between old 41 and 41. Super convenient with a drive through and open both early morning and also late night for after going out with friends, this place is the real deal authentic Mexican food I have been hunting down since moving from Phoenix.

On this fine morning, a Sunday morning in fact, I went out on the town with my lovely wife Rachel and one of our friends Caity. The three of us got home late and met up for a Sunday morning breakfast burrito. I can think of no finer way to start the day.

We decided to walk up and order instead of driving through and waited in the outside tented area for the food. Be warned! No inside seating or bathrooms at this joint so be ready to hang outside or take it home.

I got the restaurants most expensive burrito and it only set me back $6.80. With all my spare change we bought an order of chips and queso to split and still came in at about $10.

After a few minutes of waiting for them to make my breakfast joy, it arrived and I wasted no time digging in.

This is the beauty and the beast of burritos. Full of all things good after a night of drinking like steak, bacon, potatoes, and of course the trifecta of brekkie burritos (egg, cheese, salsa), this mammoth burrito was a monster to lift and a challenge to dive into. It’s a challenge I will take any day.

Taquizza is the perfect example of good, basic eats. Seasoned well, simple ingredients in a beautifully toasty flour tortilla the size of my torso, at a fair price and made fresh for me. It is a burrito big enough to share… if that’s how you roll. My girl got a nibble or two.

As a side note, our side of chips and queso was a great crunchy accompaniment to the meal. 20160828_110436-01


IT’S A WRAP: Burrito Jerry gives Taquizza’s Super Myers Burrito a 9/10 rating.

It’s affordable, fresh, and delicious Mexican goodness. It lost a point for being a bit messy and spilling along the way, but if there is a “good problem” for a burrito to have, that’s probably it.

Pair it with their mild green salsa for a great way to kick off the day.